Solar PV panel with encapsulated tracking mirrors unveiled at Intersolar

Feb 5, 2020 10:42 AM ET
  • Canadian solar product developer ISP Solar presented its breakthrough 'Intensifying Solar Panels' at Intersolar in San Diego, California
Solar PV panel with encapsulated tracking mirrors unveiled at Intersolar

ISP’& rsquo; s patented panel-level intensifying solar innovation includes conic mirrors that “& ldquo; magnify the sun’& rsquo; s rays 20-times. & rdquo; ISP modules then require simply 1/20th of the PV cells of standard panels to provide the exact same performance. The tracking mirrors are encapsulated in the panels.

The ISP module includes single-junction monocrystalline silicon with enhanced collector resistance, a large bus conductor and conic reflective troughs. The module system is perfect for industrial rooftops and utility-scale installations

“& ldquo; Our objective is to make solar panels both more budget-friendly and greener. By breaking the cost barrier, we will provide a faster return on financial investment for anyone thinking about renewable resource,” & rdquo; stated ISP & rsquo; s co-CEO and item inventor Raja Singh Tuli.

& ldquo; Established over four years of research study and covered by multiple patents, ISP’& rsquo; s technology will assist drive down the expense of solar power and accelerate its adoption,” & rdquo; stated ISP Solar & rsquo; s Co-CEO, Suneet Singh Tuli. “& ldquo; Our work on making the world’& rsquo; s most cost effective web access devices led us to see how important a budget friendly energy supply is, and how that stays a massive challenge for a lot of the world’& rsquo; s individuals. We have rededicated ourselves to fixing that issue by cutting the expense of solar energy in half.”

& rdquo; ISP modules feature a full 25-year performance and devices assurance.

The item is expected to begin shipment in the summer season of 2020.

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