Solar Projects Of 486-MW Allotted In Poland Auctions

Dec 23, 2022 11:34 AM ET
  • Solar segment made up 96 percent of all 204 bids that won in the auctions.
  • 582 MW was granted for both solar and also wind segments for the installations above 1-MW.

The most recent round of auctions of renewable resource by the Energy Regulatory Office in Poland has actually attracted a poor response. It assigned a simple 8.5 TWh of renewable resource capacity out of 34 TWh that was up for offer. The bright spot in the whole episode has actually been for the solar market of Poland. The federal government designated 486 MW of solar in the most recent round as well as it represented 96 percent of all 204 bids that won in the auctions.

Different categories of projects were for auction. For the solar energy installments of less than 1-MW capacity separately, 150 MW worth awards were made. The referral price was maintained PLN 0.375/ kWh. The lowest bid and also the highest bid were PLN 0.24477/ kWh as well as PLN 0.32773/ kWh specifically.

582 MW was awarded for the renewable installments greater than 1-MW. Here the awards were split between solar and also wind segments. Auction of this category amounted to concerning 57 percent of the whole renewables' capacity assigned. 70 bids were sent by 51 solar power producers. The Polish regulatory authority awarded 336 MW of solar and also 245 MW of wind capacity.

The outcomes show that solar power's referral price was PLN 0.355/ kWh. The most affordable bid offered was PLN 0.23677/ kWh.

In the dismal show, only three rounds might see some success and also the staying four auctions could reach a final standing as the bids were held inadequate. The travesty was that just one firm signed up with the 3rd auction that was related with hydroelectric power plants.

Rafał Gawin, President, Energy Regulatory Office, held that Russia-Ukraine conflict, the resulting energy situation and PPA models were the vital reasons that tainted the auction round. Only a quarter of the capacity on offer was granted.

Gawin held, "The instability and high unpredictability of market forecasts of energy prices, noticeable differences in referral prices in individual baskets, along with the changing legal setting contribute to the decrease in the appearance of [renewables] auctions ... it seems that in the coming years we can expect less interest in [renewables] auctions in favor of lasting Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for the sale of power."

The Polish federal government says that it expects the overall installed capacity in renewable electrical power generation devices will certainly amount to approximately 23-25 GW in 2030. According to GlobalData, an information as well as analytics company, Poland will certainly get to renewable energy capacity of 33.7 GW by the end of this decade and also solar power will control with 14.5 GW enhancements. This is way over the here and now target of the nation for 2030 for solar PV which is 7 GW.

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