Solar project to greater than dual Guinea-Bissau generation ability

Mar 23, 2020 01:15 PM ET
  • Chinese service Sinohydro has actually protected the contract for a 20 MW solar plant in Gardete, near the city of Bissau. The tender for the project was introduced a year back.
Solar project to greater than dual Guinea-Bissau generation ability
Image: Colleen Taugher/Flickr

The African Biofuel as well as Renewable Energy Carbon Monoxide (Abrec), which advertises renewables and also power effectiveness throughout the continent, has actually granted the agreement to construct Guinea-Bissau's initial huge range PV plant to state-owned Chinese hydropower organisation Sinohydro.

The China International Contractors Association stated the project hurt together with 2 1 MW crossbreed solar-diesel plants in Gabu and also Canchungo by Abrec in March 2019.

The solar possession, prepared for Gardete near the city of Bissau, will certainly offer power to nationwide utility EAGB under a long-lasting agreement. The West African Development Bank is backing the project with a $42.9 million car loan.

Guinea-Bissau depends on nonrenewable fuel sources and also solar has actually seen minimal growth, with the exception of country electrification campaigns. The country has among the most affordable electrification prices in Africa, along with power costs amongst the highest possible on the continent. Consequently, around 95% of the power eaten in Guinea-Bissauan families originates from biomass.

The African Development Bank lately mentioned Guinea-Bissau has just 11 MW of set up power generation ability, mostly all of it thermal generation. "Real capability is just 8 MW, just 5 MW of which is readily available 24 hrs each day as a result of the upkeep called for and also the lack of ability of the electrical power utility to get the essential gas," a record by the financial institution stated.

The prepared solar plant in Gardete would certainly virtually triple Guinea Bissau's power generation ability therefore.

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