Solar-Powered Smart Cowshed: GoodWe & Sunprime Partner

Dec 8, 2023 02:53 PM ET
  • GoodWe's cutting-edge GW100K-HT inverters are helping India to reach energy independence with a 500KWp solar project powering a smart cowshed, reducing carbon impact and generating over 60 MWh per month. Unlock the potential of this transformative project.
Solar-Powered Smart Cowshed: GoodWe & Sunprime Partner

GoodWe has announced a 500KWp solar project in India, its first smart cowshed in the country which showcases a potential model for energy independence in the nation’s dairy sector. The project was powered by GoodWe’s GW100K-HT Inverters and has significantly reduced the carbon impact, generating over 60 MWh of clean energy to the grid every month. The heart of this transformative project are five GoodWe’s cutting-edge GW100K-HT inverters which are equipped with features to enhance energy savings and productivity in solar installations and have IP66 and C5 protection for reliability and safety. The owner of Dabar Hare Krishna cowshed remarked that the results of the project have been impressive and the extension of such solar power projects nationwide would benefit every cow shelter.

What Benefits Does GoodWe's 500KWp Solar Project Offer India's Dairy Sector?

  • GoodWe's 500Kw solar project helps dairy sector in India by providing cost-effective & clean energy.
  • The project helps reduce the monthly electricity bills of dairy farmers.
  • This project helps to reduce reliance on the grid and encourages use of renewable energy sources.
  • The solar project brings down carbon emissions and also helps dairy farmers save on energy costs.
  • The project also helps dairy farmers to reduce their dependence on diesel or other fuel sources, thus reducing operational costs for their businesses.
  • The project helps to create employment opportunities in the dairy sector by advancing the use of clean energy.
  • This solar project helps India's dairy sector become more sustainable and reliable in the long term.

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