Solar-Powered SUV Drives Morocco: From Mountain Peaks to Desert Dunes

Oct 17, 2023 04:06 PM ET
  • Experience the future of driving: the world's first off-road solar-powered SUV designed by a team of Eindhoven University of Technology students, tested in Morocco. 710km range with a top speed of 145km/h, light-weight and ultra-efficient. Don't miss out!
Solar-Powered SUV Drives Morocco: From Mountain Peaks to Desert Dunes

A team of students from Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE) have designed the world's first off-road solar-powered SUV, which they tested in Morocco earlier this month. The khaki-green car uses solar panels on its roof to charge its electric battery, with a range of up to 710 kilometers (441 miles) in good weather, and 550 kilometers (342 miles) off-road. It has a top speed of 145 kilometers (90 miles) per hour, and features a lightweight design and ultra-efficient solar panel converters. The vehicle was tested on a range of terrain from Morocco's northern coast to its Saharan Desert, with a setback when the steering system broke, before they made the repairs in a local workshop. The team hopes the concept could be mass-produced in the future.

Can the World's First Solar-Powered Off-Road SUV be Mass-Produced?

  • The TUE team are looking for partners to help further develop and commercialize the project.
  • The team is currently looking at ways to reduce the weight of the vehicle further and to improve the efficiency of the solar panel converters.
  • The team also needs to make sure the SUV can withstand the extreme weather conditions that come with off-roading.
  • The team needs to secure funding to help scale up the project and make it more viable for mass-production.
  • The team must also consider the cost of production and the potential market for the solar-powered SUV.
  • Finally, the team must ensure that the car meets the safety standards for mass-production.

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