Solar Leads for Sale

Jan 5, 2022 06:46 PM ET

Clean, renewable home solar energy is effective way to reduce and eliminate your electric bill overall. So, the promotion of residents that are interested in going-solar is a win-win business for both the homeowner and the solar company. The more customers (and profit) the company gets, the more people could provide their homes with cheaper and sustainable electric power. But what strategies are the most effective to get solar leads for sale? Let's analyze the experience of the most successful enterprises in the industry.

Learn the Needs of Customers

Talk to people, read statistical reports, and draw some conclusions about the prevailing motivation. You need a clear answer to the question "Why?" Some people want to save money; others try to save the planet. Customers are seeing solar energy as profitable trend. In any case, you must determine the motivation and have sales argumentation for any need.

Widen Your Territory

During the equipment installation or visit to a client, spend some time walking through the neighborhood. Give business cards to the people showing interest, talk to the people in the street. Human jealousy and the tendency to model others' behavior can prove useful. The chances that you find new clients are incredibly good.

Find Unusual Partners

In the solar energy business, trust and reputation are the keys. Find informational partners among ecology activists, sponsor local sport or entertainment activities. As soon as people associate your company name with their community, you'll receive increased customer traffic.

Encourage the Word of Mouth

People tend to trust each other recommendations much more than the advertisements. This simple fact makes enormous advertising campaign budgets look ridiculous. Spend a part of it to reward people who will bring you, clients. It will help you create a large network of customers, referring you to their neighbors and friends. Such recommendations are much more valuable than a crowd of salespeople canvassing the neighborhood. 

Join the Network

It would be best if you found partners among companies that can generate leads. Most people search for information about solar on the Internet. Join the energy companies' network or aggregators, who will give you contacts to the interested customers from your region. It's a highly effective way of promotion, so exclusive leads are worth spending some money on.

Buying Solar Leads

Many solar installation companies have their own in-house call center where they focus on generating residential solar appointments. Buying the right solar data to fuel the call center is extremely important. It is important to buy email lists from reputable marketing companies that have a good reputation and references. It is also a promising idea to have a test budget in place to try a few different vendors until you find one you can grow with.

Educate Your Customers

Try to explain the value of solar energy and all the benefits for the users in your advertising materials. People are often scared of the unknown, and some information can bring you, new customers. For others, the explanation of their benefits will be a key factor in a purchase decision. In any case, you will contribute to a better and more sustainable future. 

And one more unconventional strategy: don't be too serious. People would remember you and your advertisement if it was made with a good sense of humor. We unconsciously build trust in objects that make us laugh or smile. Use your imagination and avoid buy leads that are going to suit your personas and pain points.  The whole idea is to build a digital sales funnel and continuously keep pulling your prospects through the funnel to ultimately have an appointment with your sales team.

To consistent lead flow, you can use different approaches, but don't forget to concentrate on the end buyer and his needs. This way, your company is destined for success.


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