Solar heatpump remedy for water, pool heating

Nov 28, 2021 03:12 PM ET
  • U.S. solar thermal specialist Fafco is set to introduce a new photovoltaic-thermal heat pump service for water and pool heating. The system consists of photovoltaic-thermal panels, a 5 kWh thermal battery with a heatpump, as well as an electric hot water heating unit.
Solar heatpump remedy for water, pool heating
Image: Fafco

U.S. solar thermal panel manufacturer Fafco has developed a photovoltaic-thermal heat pump service for water and also pool heating.

" The option makes use of an open-loop solar drain-back design system that is combined to the Phoenix which would be mounted on a wall surface near a hot water tank," the firm's owner, Freeman Ford, told pv magazine. "The simplicity of the system provides itself to a quick to recognize as well as install solar system along with an all-in-one heat pump, circulation module and also additional thermal storage of about 5kWh."

The Phoenix system includes 3 components: a CoolPV photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) module produced by Fafco; a 5 kWh thermal battery with a heat pump, two braised warm exchangers, two pumps, as well as multifunction software application; as well as a 50-gallon electric hot water heating unit supplied by unspecified producers in California.

" The system contains numerous well-known and also proven technologies linked in a novel way with patents released as well as pending," Ford additionally clarified. "The system makes use of software program for several purposes consisting of to optimize performance and load level for the utilities."

According to Fafco, the two flow pumps with rate control are created for optimum efficiency. One supplies the solar loophole and the other for obtaining the warmed water to as well as from the hot water storage tank. These pumps interface with the cooling agent loophole in the heatpump using both brazed plate heat exchangers that have been defined, optimized, and checked for this objective.

The system, according to the producer, has actually numerous benefits contrasted to what is available on the marketplace today. For example, the system is linked to 120Vac, which eliminates the demand to re-shape for 220Va, and, is claimed to be 50% much more effective than the air-sourced systems being sold today. "Moreover, it is developed for retrofit in existing systems or a various version can be used in new residence construction," Ford said. "Phoenix systems will certainly be adjoined for use by the electrical energies to shift tons from peak to off-peak need."

The 60-cell monocrystalline PVT panel is made with a solar module provided by U.S. manufacturer Silfab that has actually been retrofitted by Fafco with its very own thermal collection agency system. It is offered with PV power result varying from 310 to 330 W and power conversion effectiveness ranging from 18.2 to 19.4%. The open-circuit voltage extends from 36.69 to 40.50 V as well as the short-circuit present from 10.22 to 10.42 A.

All CoolPV modules (consisting of the thermal system) procedure 1,700 x 1,000 x 123 mm, weigh in at 26 kg, and have a roofing system load of 15.3 kg/m2. The power temperature level coefficient is -0.36% per degree Celsius and the optimum system voltage is 1,000 V.

As for the thermal panel, which coincides for all 3 module electrical powers, it has an operating stress of 20 pounds per square inch (psi) as well as an operating temperature level array in between 15 and 38 degrees Celsius. Its stagnation temperature is 58 degree Celsius. For a business pool case study, the supplier recommends the setup of 40 CoolPV modules with an accumulated capability of over 12 kW.

The California-based firm intends to release the Phoenix system following year. "Initially our sales will certainly focus on brand-new residence building and construction, heating, ventilation, as well as air conditioning (HVAC) and also PV dealers," Ford stated. "We anticipate to be offering Phoenix by late 2022 speeding up tremendously in the years to follow."

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