Solar for vehicle parking machines

Aug 6, 2020 05:13 PM ET
  • New Zealand scientists have actually proposed a method to examine the technological and also financial usefulness of PV-powered vehicle parking machines. Solar may be an optimal remedy, but the siting of the machines is critical and ought to be planned ahead of time, in accordance with readily available solar radiation as well as prospective shading.
Solar for vehicle parking machines
Image: Southern Institute of Technology

Scientists from New Zealand's Southern Institute of Technology, the Auckland University of Technology, and also the University of Auckland have actually proposed a technique to examine the potential of solar-powered vehicle parking machines in urban environments.

The scientists claimed that on-site solar power generation is key to the stability of a brand-new generation of innovative vehicle parking machines that need much more power than traditional devices, with need approximated between 500 W and also 1 kW. "Large quantities of annual profits are consumed in powering the machines, questioning regarding their expediency in position where the parking occupancy price is reduced," they stated.

Small solar panels in addition to machines are a good way to conserve energy expenses, but the group advised designers to think about partial shading at various times of the day as well as year in order to apply financially practical projects. If PV power need to contribute, the place of the machines need to be planned ahead of time, according to readily available solar radiation sources and all possible bordering shielding aspects.

The academics assessed the solar source of 15 car parking machines set up in the central enterprise zone of Auckland. "A high-def 360-degree camera was utilized to catch fisheye pictures (256 by 256 pixels) from the top of the photovoltaic panel of each car parking machine," they claimed. They made use of a magnetic compass to guarantee that the cam's recommendation point was always in line with real north.

The sky-view aspect (SVF) was determined for every of the 15 tools. They discovered that the less blocked machines had an SVF of 72% and 62%.

" The skies sight from all the various other parking machines was found to be blocked by 50% or even more," they stated. "In various other words, these machines would certainly not have the ability to get more than 50% of the diffuse solar radiation, at any time during the year."

The outcomes for straight beam solar irradiance were even more frustrating. Just 2 machines got an annual blockage time fraction of more than 50%.

After examining diffuse and direct radiation, the scientists determined the complete irradiation gotten by each machine for many years. "Once once more, just 2 machines crossed thethreshold of 2880 MJ/m2, which represents the requirement for mounting solar panels taking into consideration both the technical and also financial constraints," they stated.

The scientists provided their findings in "Solar resource analysis of modern-day parking machines in a city setting," which was recently published in Renewable Energy.



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