Solar Array Allows Karcher To Go Clean On Energy

Dec 24, 2019 07:51 PM ET
  • Q Cells, A South Korea Company has already supplied about 299.77 kWp to the United Kingdom’s headquarters. The company installed a solar system consisting of 967 modules in 7 days. The modules were supplied to Solar Perfect because it lacked adequate storage spaces.
Solar Array Allows Karcher To Go Clean On Energy

It is believed that the system will deliver clean energy to Karcher. This will allow Karcher to reduce the 3.19 tons of CO2 that are released to the atmosphere annually. 

According to the Q cell, the solar system will be economical and the use of PV will help reduce the cost of electricity. 

Q Cells through its spokesperson Ross Kent said that it is happy to welcome Karcher in the UK and that it is glad that it will be part of the solar revolution. Ross noted that even though there was no government support, they were confident that the entry of Karcher in the UK market will make solar energy attractive to ventures that wish to reduce carbon emission and scale down energy bills. 

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