Solar + storage microgrid will support rice processing facility in Arkansas

Mar 22, 2023 12:09 PM ET
  • Farmer co-op Producers Rice Mill will quickly hold a solar + storage microgrid developed by Scenic Hill Solar as well as constructed by CS Energy as well as KORE Power at its processing facility in Stuttgart. The project is the biggest business solar project in Arkansas.

Given that 1943, the Producers Rice Mill cooperative's members-- now consisting of more than 2,000 united state farmers-- have relied on the Producers facility in Stuttgart, Arkansas to procedure, store as well as deliver their harvest all over the world. The facility mills more than 40 million bushels of rice each year.

" We project the microgrid will provide millions of dollars in savings on our electrical bills over the following three decades, as well as those financial savings will certainly be passed on to more than 2,000 tireless farm households. It will additionally our dedication to sustainability as well as deliver higher economic security as we proceed our tradition of supplying one of the globe's crucial foods," claimed Keith Glover, CEO of Producers Rice Mill. "On top of that, our solar energy plant, battery storage and also microgrid will allow Producers to delivery power to the utility grid throughout times of grid anxiety, offering a substantial advantage for other energy customers."

The 20-MWAC solar array created as well as mounted by CS Energy will be supported by a 41.2-MWh lithium-ion energy storage facility from KORE Power. The installment will enhance renewable resource used by the facility, offering 67% of the facility's energy requirements.

The project was established as well as is being built under the instructions of Scenic Hill Solar.

" Arkansas is the nation's leading rice producer, growing about half of the USA' overall plant, and Producers Rice Mill is a true farmer participating serving greater than 2,000 farm relative in Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and also Missouri," stated Scenic Hill chief executive officer Bill Halter. "With this project we will certainly be offering Producers the power it requires to guarantee that these farmer's products are reaching clients around the globe with clean, renewable power produced on-site as well as available on demand."

CS Energy, which provides engineering, procurement, construction, and functional assistance for solar and also energy storage projects across the country, is constructing the solar array and linked electric framework.

Jesse Lieberman, Director of Operations of CS Energy said the Producers Rice Mill project stands out because its influence will certainly be felt around the world. "Creating and also constructing a solar plus energy storage system that makes certain more trustworthy power helped us fix our customer's challenges and also ensures Producers can easily as well as reliably refine their members' harvest," Lieberman claimed. "That's good information for the farmers here in the USA, and also it's good information for consumers across the world."

Gregg Noble, Vice President of Sales and also Development at KORE's Service's department said the KORE group will certainly mount an energy storage system and also microgrid controller developed at the KORE Solutions facility in Waterbury, Vermont, making use of KORE's Mark 1 lithium-ion batteries and also united state manufactured EPC inverters.

" With the just recently passed government legislation supporting microgrid development, we're delighted to collaborate with Scenic Hill and also CS Power to deliver this project," Noble stated. "This is a fantastic example of a microgrid system aiding an industrial producer get over power challenges."

Noble said the KORE Solutions group will certainly check the system's operation from its network procedures facility in Vermont as well as will dispatch crews annually to support the microgrid as well as assist Producer's in optimizing the controller's operation over time to finest support the facility's requirements.

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