Softbank injects another $10m into Swedish dye-sensitized solar specialist Exeger

Sep 9, 2019 08:03 PM ET
  • The Japanese multinational lender is making its second investment in the Swedish start-up. The funds will help the company ship its first products next year.
Softbank injects another $10m into Swedish dye-sensitized solar specialist Exeger
Image: Exeger
Japan’s Softbank Group will invest another $10 million in Exeger, a Swedish company developing dye sensitized solar cells for integration into devices such as headphones and tablet computers.

In a joint press release, the two companies said the funds would help Exeger prepare its first products for shipment next year.

It is the second investment made by Softbank in Exeger through the lender’s SB Energy Corp. “A strong relationship with the SoftBank Group will be a key factor in successful deployment into new markets,” said Exeger CEO Giovanni Fili.

The company claims design features such as logos, artwork and images can be part of its solar cells and printed free-form and in various colors. The Exeger technology is said to be based on a dye-sensitized solar cell which uses a light-sensitive dye to collect energy, much like photosynthesis.

“We are very excited about our collaboration with Exeger, which has this incredible technology aimed at promoting the fusion of energy and information technology to help realize a more convenient and comfortable society,” said Shigeki Miwa, general manager of SoftBank Group’s CEO project office.

The Swedish company is producing PV devices in a factory in Stockholm. In June last year, Exeger opened an office in Shanghai as part of the Swedish Energy Agency’s Shanghai Cleantech Hub.

Softbank has invested heavily in solar energy in India, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

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