Snam moots carrying solar-powered hydrogen from Africa

Sep 8, 2020 12:26 PM ET
  • Transporting green hydrogen created making use of solar PV in North Africa could be approximately 15% more affordable than producing it locally in Italy, a new research assembled by brain trust The European House-- Ambrosetti and natural gas titan Snam has located.
Snam moots carrying solar-powered hydrogen from Africa
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Thanks to its geographical area as well as present gas network, Italy has the possible to end up being an "infrastructural bridge" between Europe and also Africa, enabling greater hydrogen penetration in other European nations. The research study keeps in mind that hydrogen can account for 23% of Italy's power demand by 2050, enabling the country to reduce emissions by 28%.

Snam CEO Marco Alverà pointed to set you back decreases in green hydrogen production that can aid Italy reach its climate targets: "In 2000, the price of hydrogen from renewables was forty times more than oil; today, we estimate that it will end up being affordable with some existing fuels within 5 years."

According to the study, natural gas can work as an accelerator for hydrogen, provided the harmonies that exist between the two in regards to transportation and storage, assisting Italy come to be a "continental hub" for green hydrogen as well as enabling it tackle an essential role in the European hydrogen strategy.

The concept of generating green hydrogen using solar-powered electrolysis in more resource-rich countries before moving it using purpose-built framework-- as opposed to creating it domestically-- was additionally talked about during PV Tech publisher Solar Media's Green Hydrogen Virtual Summit last month. In shifting production to African countries, developers can profit not just from better operating conditions, however additionally avoid obstacles such as land accessibility and allowing.

Despite the existing price of creating hydrogen with renewable-led electrolysis, the European Union has established renewable hydrogen as a concern. Published in July, its method asks for 40GW of renewable hydrogen electrolysers across the bloc by 2030, with up to 120GW of brand-new sustainable capability to power them.

While there have been records that the growth of the green hydrogen market has been interfered with by government passivity, the industry has been given a boost by France, which recently revealed strategies to include hydrogen financial investments as part of its EUR100 billion coronavirus recovery plan. By 2030, the nation intends to spend EUR7 billion to create the modern technology.

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