SMA launches new SMA Energy App for domestic surveillance

Nov 11, 2021 11:21 AM ET
  • SMA America has launched the new SMA Energy app to give homeowners an easy interface to see their home energy generation and also use. This tool is an enhance to the SMA Energy System Home, which provides household consumers with unparalleled PV as well as energy storage remedies.

Within the app, homeowners can access data for their home including PV generation, grid energy usage and also battery state-of-charge for storage-equipped systems. It is likewise a beneficial tool for property solar installers who wish to help homeowners much better understand exactly how to handle their very own home energy system.

This user friendly device shows everyday information in addition to historic as well as forecasted details to help homeowners be strategic concerning home energy administration as well as decrease their dependence on electricity from the grid. An extra function presents a home's carbon footprint, enabling homeowners to devote to a sustainable lifestyle.

" We are proud to debut the SMA Energy app as well as are certain in the advantage it offers to homeowners as well as installers alike," stated Charles Ellis, VP of sales for SMA America. "The consumer-friendly experience offers installers a clean presentation tool to showcase to homeowners, aiding speed client acquisition as well as raise the probability of reference company."

The app also works seamlessly with other SMA services to provide an unequaled customer experience. When paired with SMA Smart Connected, installers can supply their clients unrivaled satisfaction via system visibility and also protection.

Sunny Portal mobile app users are currently being migrated to the brand-new SMA Energy App. Profession experts can also look forward to a brand-new app with the upcoming SMA 360 ° app for installers, which is approximated to strike app stores in 2022. The SMA 360 ° app will give higher deepness of use for the profession expert. These app modifications are part of SMA's ongoing dedication to enhancing installation, commissioning as well as solution of the SMA Energy System Home.

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