SKY Perfect JSAT Expands Solar Forecasts Worldwide

Dec 28, 2023 12:55 PM ET
  • SKY Perfect JSAT is launching its "Solar Meilleur" service in Europe to help solar power plants predict solar radiation & generate yield forecasts using weather satellite data & AI-supported devices. "Solar TAMAGO" will help traders in Europe take advantage of short-term solar power trading opportunities.

SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings, a Japanese communications satellite operator, is launching a new solar radiation data business in Europe next year. The service, called “Solar Meilleur”, will use data from weather satellites combined with ground measurements to predict solar radiation and generate yield forecasts for solar power plants. It also includes a device called “Solar TAMAGO” which is installed in the plant and uses AI-supported software to analyze images of the sky to predict solar radiation for periods of five to 30 minutes. The data is combined with the status of the power plant to monitor operations and maintenance. SKY Perfect JSAT believes their system will be a good fit for short-term trading in solar power, which is particularly important in Europe.

What Benefits Will "Solar Meilleur" Bring to European Solar Power Plants?

  • Solar Meilleur will enable better forecasting of solar radiation and yield for European solar power plants.
  • The AI-supported software will be able to generate five to 30 minute forecasts for solar radiation.
  • The service will provide plant status information to enable better monitoring of operations and maintenance.
  • The use of satellite data allows for accurate remote monitoring of solar radiation even in areas that are difficult to access.
  • Solar Meilleur will increase the efficiency of solar power plants and make short term energy trading more viable in Europe.
  • Solar TAMAGO will reduce the amount of manual monitoring and maintenance required for solar power plants.

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