Sharp launches bifacial glass-glass module with TOPCon cells and 570 watts

May 24, 2023 11:54 AM ET
  • Sharp Energy Solutions Europe has launched a bifacial glass-glass module with 144 M10 TOPCon fifty percent cells and 16 busbars. The NB-JD570 has an output of 570 watts with a module efficiency of 22.07 percent.

Dimensions are 2,278 by 1,134 millimeters with a 30-millimeter-thick aluminum frame. The front and also back glass panels are each 2 millimeters thick, and the weight is 32.5 kilograms.

Dimensions and also weight are therefore the like the predecessor design, the NB-JD550. The higher efficiency and also better performance result from using TOPCon cells, while PERC cells are made use of in the NB-JD550. The TOPCon cells also cause a dramatically reduced temperature level coefficient of minus 0.30 percent power decrease per degree Celsius. For the PERC module, it is minus 0.35 percent. Both module types are suitable for system voltages of as much as 1,500 volts as well as are as a result-- additionally because of their high weight-- specifically planned for huge ground-mounted projects.

Sharp provides a straight performance warranty of 85 percent of the rated power within the EU and also in a number of various other countries, as well as a 15-year product guarantee.

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