Seraphim provides all-black'S 2' photovoltaic panel without performance sacrifice for residential roofs

Jul 16, 2020 08:29 PM ET
  • Seraphim Solar has introduced its S2 full-black half-cell series module, particularly tailor-made for residential and business rooftop installments. This new model of the present S2 module series offers an all-black facade for remarkable visual appeals, while offering high-performance power output of approximately 330Wp, advanced shielding protection as well as an extensive 15-year item guarantee.
Seraphim provides all-black'S 2' photovoltaic panel without performance sacrifice for residential roofs
Image: Seraphim Solar


The rooftop PV market is rapidly transitioning to higher-performance modules to decrease installment costs, while proprietors are becoming significantly experienced and also discerning concerning the total PV system aesthetics with preference for higher aesthetic combination into the roofing. However, all-black modules have previously given up return for better appearances, either raising setups costs as even more modules are required for a given system size or sacrifice total system return because of limited roof area. Such limitations can be raised when rooftop shielding concerns may be present that can cause greater system style and also installment costs, due to the demand for microinverters or power optimizers to limit the efficiency effect of shading.


Seraphim's S2 full-black half-cell module collection has been particularly developed to fulfill the demand for superior appearances without sacrificing power result for residential and business roof setups. The full-black module utilizes a range of large-area wafers, as well as half-cut cells, providing a power outcome of up to 330Wp with a module conversion performance rate of 19.5%. Half-cut monocrystalline PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) modern technology minimizes present and sheet resistance when releasing large-area wafers and lessens mismatch losses as well as minimizes cell to module losses, increasing result. The S2 series module makes up two apart and also similar solar cell varieties, which implies the regular strings of cells are cut into halves, and these much shorter strings make up of varieties which has actually separated existing paths. When a module is partially shaded, only one side shaded array's existing will be affected, while the various other variety will still be functionally creating power. Under this condition, when a module is shaded, the affected working areas will be less than 50%. This can avoid the demand for microinverters or power optimizers, decreasing the BOS (Balance of System) prices as well as decreasing system style and installation intricacy. The high-performance modules can also lower BOS costs simply due to less modules needed to accomplish optimum roof utilization and also consumer system result demands. The exceptional visual look of the all-black module is achieved with making use of firmly loaded cells making use of sophisticated adjoin technology and specially developed black ribbon (busbars) a black backsheet with a black anodized light weight aluminum frame.


A large range of rooftop setups requiring premium aesthetics and boosted shielding efficiency.


Seraphim's S2 full-black half-cell module collection is available in 3 various styles to satisfy the specific needs of the large range of residential as well as commercial rooftop demands. The smallest module is a 60-cell half-cut (120-cell) style using 158.75 mm x 158.75 mm large-area wafers with dimensions of 1,690 mm x 1,002 mm, considering 19KG. The tool sized module makes use of 166mm x 166mm large-area wafers in a 60-cell half-cut (120-cell) style with module dimensions of 1,776 mm x 1,052 mm, considering 20KG. The biggest sized module in the S2 full-black series has a 66-half-cut (132-cell) layout with 158.75 mm x 158.75 mm large-area wafers and also measurements of 1,852 mm x 1,002 mm, considering 20KG. All modules have a 35mm thick all-black plated light weight aluminum frame. Rather than the common 10-year product warranty, this collection item provides 15-year item warranty and 25-year direct output power service warranty. The very first year power service warranty is within 2.5%, and also direct yearly depletion is within 0.6%.


July 2020, onwards. (Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, Australia, and so on).

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