Seraphim indications 150MW wholesale module supply arrangement

Aug 11, 2020 06:59 PM ET
  • Module maker Seraphim has actually penciled a 150MW module supply handle dealer and solar importer Raystech.
Seraphim indications 150MW wholesale module supply arrangement
Image: Seraphim

The bargain will certainly see Seraphim supply Raystech with its S3 collection half-cell modules which have maximum power outcome of 440W. They integrate 166mm silicon cells together with multi-busbar as well as half-cut cell technologies, as well as have a conversion efficiency in excess of 19.78%.

Having actually signed an initial contract for 50MW in June of this year, Raystech has returned to reinforce its supply of the module collection. Hang Wei, president at Raystech, stated the cooperation between both companies would "infuse fresh vitality" into the global market.

Raystech ships modules to Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and also Europe, and also Seraphim president Polaris Li said the business's circulation network was cause for optimism for the business.

The offer was authorized at SNEC 2020.

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