SEIA develops non-profit for solar and also storage technology, preliminary focus on land usage concerns

May 5, 2022 11:17 AM ET
  • Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has actually introduced a non-profit to help with the energy transition through clean energy research and evaluation.
SEIA develops non-profit for solar and also storage technology, preliminary focus on land usage concerns
Image: SEIA via Twitter

The Solar and Storage Industries Institute (SI2) will function as SEIA's philanthropic and instructional arm, using research, public education efforts and policymaker interaction to get rid of obstacles to clean energy release, the trade body claimed.

One specific location of focus for SI2 will certainly be attending to land use issues. The siting of clean energy projects needs community approval and also well-designed projects that take into consideration the setting as well as local communities as well as accessibility to transmission lines, upgrades to grid framework as well as a number of other elements.

SI2's first research project will certainly want to develop best practices for solar firms seeking to create large-scale solar projects as well as various other resources that will assist the market browse these challenges, SEIA said in a news releases.

" SI2 will certainly propose as well as breed new remedies that motivate the growth of the solar as well as storage industry," claimed SEIA, adding that the organisation will additionally "tackle several of the greatest difficulties dealing with the solar as well as storage industry", which it viewed as land use worries, old-fashioned rate styles, workforce development, environmental justice and interconnection roadblocks.

The institute will "lean on [SEIA's] personnel as well as sources while the organisation develops itself", SEIA said. However, as the organisation expands and secures additional funding resources, "SI2 will build its group and announce added priorities and also initiatives."

SEIA's CEO Abigail Ross Hopper, who will certainly likewise function as the brand-new chair of S12's board of supervisors, said that while the technologies needed to tackle the climate crisis mainly exist currently, a number of obstacles stay to their prevalent fostering.

David Gahl, SEIA's current elderly supervisor of state plan, East, will certainly lead SI2's work and function as the institute's initial executive director. He said the new non-profit was a "special possibility" for the solar as well as storage industry to "harness its creative thinking as well as usage innovative thinking".

Along with Gahl's role as executive supervisor and also Hopper's role as board chair, SOLV Energy Chief Executive Officer George Hershman is serving as SI2's board assistant, while Nautilus Solar co-CEO Laura Stern is board treasurer.

"A brighter future powered by clean energy is possible, and the development of SI2 will certainly assist establish a straight guidebook to a lot more reliable solar and storage deployment for generations to find," said Hershman.

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