Scottish Power to bring parent's hydrogen proficiency to north Europe

Sep 18, 2020 11:12 AM ET
  • The U.K. utility is a companion in the Green Hydrogen for Scotland initiative which intends to be fueling industrial vehicles with sustainable hydrogen within 2 years, starting with a 10 MW electrolyzer on the borders of Glasgow.
Scottish Power to bring parent's hydrogen proficiency to north Europe
Graphic: Scottish Power

With Spanish electrical utility Iberdrola intending Europe's biggest eco-friendly hydrogen manufacturing facility in its homeland, its Scottish Power subsidiary is preparing to do something comparable at the various other end of the continent.

The U.K.-based power business on Wednesday introduced strategies to give solar and wind power to a 10 MW electrolyzer planned on the borders of Glasgow which would certainly be generating hydrogen for durable cars within 2 years.

The Green Hydrogen for Glasgow project would certainly be the initial of an intended Scotland-wide hydrogen transport campaign in which Scottish Power is a companion, along with England-headquartered industrial gas firm BOC and electrolyzer producer ITM Power.

Scottish Power provided a press release the other day which disclosed its renewable resource would certainly power an electrolyzer in Glasgow provided by ITM and run by BOC, which belongs to Guildford-headquartered Linde Group, the globe's largest industrial gas business.

Under the strategy, hefty commercial automobile fleet owners would merely have to "give the lorries," according to Scottish Power Renewables CEO Lindsay McQuade.

With Scotland going for an internet absolutely no economy by 2045-- five years previously than U.K. next-door neighbor England-- and Glasgow aiming to be the U.K.'s first net-zero city, by 2030, hydrogen transport would be an important part of the power change, along with electrification.

Scottish Power parent Iberdrola is working with a EUR150 million environment-friendly hydrogen project in Puertollano, central Spain, which would certainly include a 100 MW solar plant, 20 MWh of power storage ability as well as a 20 MW electrolyzer. The power firm stated the facility would certainly be Europe's largest green hydrogen manufacturing plant when operational following year. The project will create sustainable hydrogen for plant food firm Fertiberia.

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