Sable Chemicals is going to build a solar power station in Zimbabwe

Jan 27, 2020 04:55 PM ET
  • In a battle against electricity deficit, Sable Chemicals Industries will develop a major solar power project.
Sable Chemicals is going to build a solar power station in Zimbabwe

Previously, before closing up its 5 electrolysis facilities about 4 year ago, Sable Chemicals Industries Limited used to consume 80MW of power, but later it decreased the consumption twice. Now, it is going to build a PV power station with a capacity of 50 megawatt, in cooperation with Tatanga Energy.

The solar array is scheduled for completion in late summer of 2021.

According to the IPP developer, 80% of the power will be supplied to Sherwood Substation’s electrical grid, which is 5 kilometers from the PV system. For this purpose, 1 kilometer of 88-kilovolt power line will be installed to connect the substations of Sherwood and Sable Chemicals.

Zimbabwe is currently suffering from critical shortage of electricity generation. Solar power is an attractive scalable and inexpensive option. 

Lately, Sable Chemicals has experienced hardships with regard to capacity utilization that had dropped down to an unsustainable level. This is mainly explained by the lack of foreign money, required for importing of ammonia.

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