RUMSL's 600 MW Omkareshwar Finally Has Winners- AMP Energy, NHDC nd SJVN

May 9, 2022 01:13 PM ET
  • The much awaited tender for 600 MW floating solar (in 2 stages of 300 MW each) on the Omkareshwar storage tank in Madhya Pradesh has finally seen AMP Energy, NHDC and also SJVN winning with bids of Rs 3.21, Rs 3.22 as well as Rs 3.26/ unit specifically. For AMP Energy and SJVN this is the 2nd project win today after the wins at SECI's Hybrid tender results on Thursday.

The long waited for tender was applauded for its design finally, which made sure a solid prospective buyer passion and now, a suitable feedback as well. Two PSU's, in the form of the NHPC advertised NHDC and SJVN winning is additionally no surprise, as PSU's have gone to the forefront of many floating solar projects awarded so far. SJVN may have in fact won for 90 MW, also as AMP energy and NHPC have actually won for 100 MW each, 90 MW being the figure quoted by SJVN itself.

The project is on a Build Own as well as Operate (BOO) basis via e-RA performed on 06.05.2022. The power purchase agreement will be implemented after issuance of LOI from RUMSL. Evacuating infrastructure is being supplied by RUMSL.

For SJVN, this is it's second and first largest FSP gotten via Tariff based affordable Bidding process in India's largest floating solar park at Omkareshwar. The firm has actually fixed the tentative cost of the project for itself at Rs 585 crores

The Omkareshwar project, with its far better design and award quickly, would certainly hence defeat the various other major floating solar project that has actually been hanging fire for a very long time, on the Rihand dam storage tank. That 300 MW project has been bogged down in hold-ups for multiple reasons.

The Omkareshwar project was first recommended back in 2019, when NHDC first looked for professionals for a 25 MW project on the tank.

The broadened project formed over the next two years, finally finishing with the tender from RUMSL, a joint venture between SECI and the Government of Madhya Pradesh in April this year, after thorough inputs as well as planning. For RUMSL, the success with of the tender and the probable development from here on is one more feather in the cap, especially if the project turns up on schedule by 2024.

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