RUMSL's 300 MW Floating Solar Tender Oversubscribed by 700 MW

Oct 31, 2022 11:58 AM ET
  • Rewa Ultra Mega's SOlar Ltd (RUMSL)- a joint venture in between SECI as well as MUVN, that is to create 300 MW floating solar project at the Omkar Reservoir at Madhya Pradesh has been oversubscribed. The oversubscription is by 700 MW. The cumulative capacity of the project is 600 MW.

The establish organisations that were participants in the claimed auction were Tata Solar, Mahindra Susten, NHDC, SJVN, Eden Renewables, NTPC, Hinduja Renewables.

The very first stage of the auction, which designated 300 MW, saw Amp Energy, NHDC, SJVN as winners. Amp Energy landed 100 MW. It priced estimate a tariff of INR 3.21 kWh. NHDC on the other hand bagged a capacity of 100 MW at 3.22 kWh. The remainder of the capacity was nabbed by SJVN with a tariff of INR 3.26 kWh.

The 2nd stage of the tender was floated in July 2022. Last month, Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission authorized deviations to the standards with respect the bidding process for the solar project concerned. With each other, RUMSL and also Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company had filed a petition to approve variances on bidding norms as routed by the Ministry of Power.

Lately, RUMSL had issues an RFP to working as a consultant companies to come up with a feasibility report of 3 reservoirs for setting up floating solar projects.

In India, there is scarcity of land. The development of floating solar power projects aid address this obstacle. Currently, India's capacity of floating solar power plants stands at 170 MW.

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