Risen Energy Increases Market Show Its 210 Wafer-Based Titan Series Modules

Feb 25, 2021 04:34 PM ET
  • The year is off to an excellent begin at solar panel manufacturer, Risen Energy Co., Ltd., with the first export shipment of its 210 wafer-based Titan series modules, auguring excellent growth potential customers for the company in worldwide markets.

Risen Energy has actually completed the distribution of the globe's initial 210 module order consisting of the high-efficiency Titan 500W modules delivered in sets to Ipoh, Malaysia-based energy service provider Armani Energy Sdn Bhd

On top of that, the firm needs to date completed shipment of nearly 200MW of a 600MW module order that it obtained from Poland-based solar installing systems maker Corab in 2020. The order includes Risen Energy's full series of 210mm items that will certainly be used in roof covering- as well as ground-mounted installations, among other application circumstances.

Risen Energy's Brazilian customers have actually shown their gratitude with orders for 54MW as well as 160MW modules. Risen Energy's 210 series modules have actually come to be the preferred choice among Brazilian buyers, reflecting the company's raising infiltration into the country's distribution market. Leading Brazilian energy research study company Greener recently released the most recent rankings of photovoltaic module makers' imports right into Brazil in 2020, with Risen Energy garnering the third spot within a lineup of 10 brands that comprise 87% of the imports.

In South Korea, Risen Energy secured 130MW worth of orders in 2020 in collaboration with SCG Solutions Co., Ltd, among the biggest distributors in the local market. All the end consumers are major Oriental companies, consisting of the Korea Institute of Solar Energy (for its Jeonnam Solar energy Plant project) in addition to food as well as beverage manufacturer Nongshim (for roof-mounted installments atop its manufacturing centers). The success laid a strong structure for Risen Energy's ongoing growth in the Oriental market.

Along with the tie-up with SCG Solutions, Risen Energy has actually created partnerships with a number of other leading players in Korea's energy industry, showing the company's tested lead to the regional market. Electric power equipment maker LS Electric selected Risen Energy's 210 series modules for the whole dispersed roofing system project at one of the Korean federal government's consular offices in Japan. LS Electric likewise shared its intent to collaborate with Risen Energy on upcoming massive projects.

As a leading international PV module maker, Risen Energy proceeds its focus on technological technology and also on boosting the high quality of its services while collaborating with many companions worldwide to reimagine and also change just how energy is developed and distributed.