Risen Energy launches new HJT, BIPV modules, touts carbon-reduction progress

Apr 5, 2022 02:35 PM ET
  • Risen Energy has actually launched a variety of new heterojunction (HJT) and also building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) modules that are stated to boast a decrease in carbon usage and also improved power generation performance compared with previous products.
Risen Energy launches new HJT, BIPV modules, touts carbon-reduction progress
Image: PV Tech

The brand-new HJT modules, called Hyper-ion, utilizes 210mm HJT half-cut 120 micron cells and also microcrystalline technology to achieve efficiencies over 25.2%, Risen stated.

Relying upon advancements in passivation innovation, the product comes with an open voltage over 750mV and HJT thin cells with a carbon value almost 30% lower than that of PERC, according to Risen. The carbon impact is additional minimized by a high-strength steel alloy frame.

Alongside the HJT launch, Risen has actually reacted to new Chinese policies focused on decarbonising the nation's building field as well as building stock by launching 2 new BIPV modules: the Super Top, focused on the commercial and also industrial (C&I) segment, and the Super Tile, for domestic rooftops.

Including a 210mm HJT cell, the 740W double-glass Super Top module shows no shading loss, according to Risen, which has established a brand-new setting up method for the steel plate as well as the module to ensure that the modules can be fully integrated right into the construction process.

The 1817mm x 420mm Super Tile, at the same time, has a maximum power of 120W as well as is available in 2 formats: piled as well as tile. Both the new C&I and domestic offerings can be installed by one person.

Risen Energy said it plans to concentrate mainly on research into low-carbon products, consisting of in BIPV, steel frame and also HJT innovations, as at eyes extra launches.

The company earlier this year gave information of a RMB44.6 billion (US$ 7 billion) growth plan to assist the supplier develop a much more vertically integrated production chain, putting together a thorough manufacturing plan from material, ingot, cell and also module manufacturing.

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