Repsol, Enagas safe and secure EU funds for photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen manufacturing

Aug 4, 2021 11:44 AM ET
  • Spanish multi-energy group Repsol SA (BME: REP) and gas grid driver Enagas SA (BME: ENG) have actually protected EU funds to build a plant in Spain for the manufacturing of green hydrogen with photoelectrocatalysis.

The two have been creating the PEC technology for years and also operate a pilot plant at Repsol's research lab in the Madrid region. With the financial backing from the EU's Innovation Fund, the firms plan to build a bigger hydrogen manufacturing facility at Repsol's Puertollano refinery, Enagas claimed Monday.

"Making use of [photoelectrocatalysis], we can acquire an eco-friendly hydrogen that is competitive and makes use of less power, Repsol's elderly process growth scientist Elena Verdu clarified on an earlier celebration.

" [I] ts major advantage compared to electrolysis is that no electricity is utilized, and also it, for that reason, does not depend upon the electrical power price. This results in a substantial functional cost reduction," Verdu then added.

The dimension of the EU financing was not divulged. Enagas claimed it would stand for a part of the financial investment in the plant project.

The Puertollano plant will can creating around 100 kilogrammes of hydrogen daily from sunshine, and boost the result to 450 kg/day when the production procedure is matched with electrical power from the grid, according to Enagas. The plant's annual ability would be 200 tonnes of hydrogen.

The center could begin procedure in 2024.

Repsol is a major producer and also consumer of hydrogen, which the new plant will supply to other centers of the Puertollano complicated. In addition, the plant will provide the hydrogen to hydrogen filling stations that Repsol prepares to set up in the future, Enagas included.

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