Renewables Can Lower Energy Costs as well as Boost Energy Security in Antigua and Barbuda

Mar 11, 2021 09:32 AM ET
  • IRENA report shows renewable generation, green hydrogen and EVs are the most cost-efficient energy method for the Caribbean island
Renewables Can Lower Energy Costs as well as Boost Energy Security in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and also Barbuda can considerably decrease its dependancy on imported nonrenewable fuel sources while driving down electrical power costs for people, by fulfilling its energy needs exclusively via indigenous renewable resource resources, green hydrogen as well as complete electric lorry (EV) adoption.

Functioning closely with the government of Antigua as well as Barbuda, IRENA's Antigua and also Barbuda: Renewable resource Roadmap report recommends the country's the very least cost option for zero-carbon energy system would include 90 percent renewable power generation from solar and wind. Furthermore, the nation can accomplish 100 per cent renewables by incorporating flexibility steps consisting of environment-friendly hydrogen as well as a completely energized transport system.

The advised mix would decrease Antigua and Barbuda's levelised cost of electrical energy (LCOE) from around 15 cents per kilowatt hour today, to 9 cents per kilowatt hour, substantially profiting citizens as well as organizations in the country while meeting environment and development objectives.

Antigua and also Barbuda's Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment, the Honourable Sir Molwyn M. Joseph stated: "Rising energy costs have actually influenced neighborhoods, households and also companies. The country's susceptability as well as exposure to take the chance of necessitates the change of its energy system to much better adapt to the influences of climate adjustment."

" The Federal government has made a created dedication to carbon nonpartisanship by 2050," continued Minister Joseph, "with the aim to not just contribute to emission decreases however even more significantly to establish a durable national energy system that is based on the utilisation of plentiful natural energy sources such as solar and also wind."

Antigua as well as Barbuda currently resources near to 97 per cent of its energy needs through nonrenewable fuel source imports, however the government has actually proposed an ambitious renewable energy goal to increase the share of renewables to 100 percent by 2030 for the revision process of the Across the country Identified Payments. Under the existing trajectory, renewables in the power market would expand from just over 3 per cent currently to around 9 per cent in the coming years, far listed below nationwide targets.

" Just like much of the globe's small islands, Antigua as well as Barbuda can attain substantial socioeconomic gains through a renewable energy-led energy change," said Francesco La Camera, IRENA Director-General. "Greater energy safety and security, reduced costs and the development of local jobs are simply a few of the ways in which renewables will certainly provide a much more secure as well as sustainable future. Using the findings of this evaluation as a beginning point, will work closely with the government of Antigua as well as Barbuda to assist the nation understand its full energy capacity."

Antigua and Barbuda is a little island state without indigenous fossil sources for energy supply. Presently, fossil fuel imports make up greater than 10 percent of the country's GDP. IRENA's recommendations would certainly entail liberating state funds for investment in residential renewable resource growth.

Under the roadmap approximately 440 Million USD of investment is required by 2030, to develop an energy mix controlled by wind (accounting for 47 percent of generation), solar (accountancy for 40 per cent of generation) as well as hydrogen fuel cells comprising 13 percent.

The roadmap given ideas on possible policies and regulations that the Government of Antigua and also Barbuda might apply to support the achievement of its ambitions, including following worldwide finest practice purchase standards, continuing with renewable-only independent power producers and incorporating versatile residential solar PV into the preparation as well as procedures of the power system.