Renewable Resource for Agri-food Systems

Nov 18, 2021 02:38 PM ET
  • Towards the Sustainable Development Goals and also the Paris Agreement

Energy and also agri-food systems are deeply attached. Agri-food systems consume about 30% of the world's energy. While, energy is responsible for a third of agri-food systems' emissions. A joint approach to the Energy Transition as well as Food Systems Transformation is consequently vital to satisfy present as well as future need for food and also energy in a comprehensive and ecologically lasting fashion.

Renewable energy remedies represent a vital possibility to satisfy the energy requires in the farming market that are crucial to elevating farmer revenues, reducing losses, producing jobs, enhancing accessibility to tidy cooking fuels, and also progressing environment action for mitigation and also adjustment.

This report collectively created by the International Renewable Resource Agency and the Food and also Agricultural Company of the United Nations evaluations the role of renewable energy in agri-food systems and also the opportunity they supply to advance energy and food protection purposes in addition to contribute to the success of the Sustainable Development Goals and also the Paris Agreement.

The joint report lays out an 8-point activity schedule to scale up renewable energy use in the agriculture field. It emphasises the demand to:

  • Gather much better data to assist renewable energy investments in food systems
  • Take advantage of mapping devices to examine chances and also inform policy making
  • Improve access to finance for end-users and also ventures
  • Develop integrated strategies to transforming the food and energy systems
  • Mainstream cross-sector perspectives right into national field methods
  • Reinforce development for technology and energy-efficient devices
  • Concentrate on elevating recognition and also building ability
  • Location inclusivity at the heart of transforming the food as well as energy systems involving similarly women and youth

This report belongs to the proceeding partnership between IRENA and also FAO to speed up the implementation of renewable energy in agri-food, fisheries and also forestry chains, and lasting bioenergy.

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