Reducing nonradiative recombination in perovskite solar cells with a porous insulator contact

Mar 13, 2023 08:55 AM ET
  • A research team led by Prof. Xu Jixian from the University of Science and also Technology of China (USTC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) developed and fashioned a novel porous insulator contact (PIC) for perovskite solar cells. The PIC alleviated the non-radiative fee recombination result and also the matching solar cell accomplished a performance of up to 25.5%. The research was published in Science.
Reducing nonradiative recombination in perovskite solar cells with a porous insulator contact
Image: Science (2023)

Traditional techniques reducing charge recombination at photocurrent transportation interface are controlled by insertion of an ultrathin (~ 1 nm) passivation layer, which is a low-conductive material between photo-absorbers and also hole transfer layers (HTLs). Nonetheless, considered that a mild boost in the thickness of passivation layer leads to drastic decline in photocurrent transport, a trade-off constantly exists between passivation and also transport.

In this research study, scientists tried to break this trade-off by presenting PIC into perovskite solar cells. PIC is a thick (~ 100 nm) dielectric layer with arbitrary nanoscale openings. Photocurrent transportation was not given up since the existing carried through the openings in PIC instead of a tunneling impact. More measurement additionally validated that the surface recombination speed (SRV) was reduced by virtually seven times, which demonstrated effective passivation.

Additionally, researchers checked out the beginning of the exceptional performance of PIC. They discovered that the reduction of recombination was a result of both reduced area as well as passivation impact. Surface area wetting in between PIC and also perovskite layer was enhanced, which yielded greater perovskite condensation high quality and thus much longer bulk recombination lifetime.

This research study offers a new technique in reducing charge recombination and also improving power conversion effectiveness. Researchers additionally noted that with more renovation of PIC framework, the performance could be also higher.

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