Queensland mounts first neighborhood batteries

Feb 6, 2023 01:34 PM ET
  • The Australian state of Queensland prepares to set up 35 neighborhood batteries in the community of Ipswich in the coming weeks. This was come before by a successful field test by the public electricity supplier Energex Limited (photo).

The neighborhood batteries are to be set up, run and also maintained by Energex. Plans call for 30 batteries, each with the capacity to store solar energy from 13 normal roof systems, and 5 more, each with the capacity to store 40 home solar systems. The electrical energy is to be marketed by Australian utility Origin Energy. Solutions would certainly be looked for to share the profits generated with customers.

The goal of the project is to reduce the risks of a power blackout. The somewhat little neighborhood batteries will certainly be supplemented by large-scale batteries to be introduced throughout the region of the grid driver Ergon Energy grid, ideally in areas with a high proportion of solar setups.

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