Q Cells wins at charm in enforcement procedures in Germany

Nov 4, 2021 05:03 PM ET
  • Photovoltaics (PV) manufacturer Q Cells introduced today it has actually achieved success in an appeal in enforcement proceedings in Germany that was filed by competitors LONGi and also REC after they lost a patent violation case last year.
Q Cells wins at charm in enforcement procedures in Germany
Image: Q CELLS

In June 2020, the Regional Court of Duesseldorf ruled that the accuseds should recall specific patent-infringing solar products. It was at some point determined that Q Cells' rivals have fallen short to totally adhere to this decision.

The Duesseldorf Higher Regional Court has actually upheld the judgment of the initial instance court to enforce forceful penalty payment on LONGi and also REC as they failed to totally meet the requirements of the punished commitment to recall patent-infringing products, the news claims.

Meanwhile, a month earlier, the Rotterdam Area Court in the Netherlands ordered the Dutch system of LONGi Solar to "avoid any type of tasks that generate, facilitate or make money from infringement of the patent" in the nations where Hanwha Solutions Corporation, an affiliate of Q Cells, is signed up as the patent proprietor.

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