Pure strong state batteries from Switzerland

Apr 8, 2022 10:23 AM ET
  • Swiss Clean Battery is readied to begin commercial production of its pure strong state batteries in Switzerland. The batteries are based upon a safeguarded electrolyte made of a strong ion conductor, which aids to preserve inner resistance and capacity. The dealt with ion conductor is developed in the battery cell itself, comparable to a multi-component adhesive.
Pure strong state batteries from Switzerland
Image: Swiss Clean Battery AG

Swiss startup Swiss Clean Battery (SCB) AG claimed today that it will certainly construct a gigafactory to produce pure solid-state batteries at its head office in Teufen, Switzerland.

" With manufacturing scaling from 1.2 GWh to 7.6 GWH, SCB AG will certainly offer both the Swiss residential as well as international markets with sustainable battery storage space from 2024," the business claimed. "In the initial production stage of 1.2 GWH, SCB AG is planning sales of CHF 318 million ($ 340 million). For this, CHF 246 million financial investment quantity in the equipment is prepared. In this initial stage, SCB AG utilizes 181 individuals. A production area of 20,000 m2 will certainly be constructed in order to manufacture 7.2 million battery cells per year."

COO Thomas Lützenrath claimed the batteries will certainly have numerous competitive advantages compared to standard lithium-ion storage.

" Conventional lithium-ion batteries age due to the fact that a covering layer is formed on their anodes with billing and releasing. This grows gradually as well as with each use, even faster the more intensively the battery is utilized. This development of the leading layer takes in capacity as well as enhances the internal resistance, and the efficiency of the battery reduces," he told pv magazine.

By comparison, an extremely thin leading layer in the pure solid-state batteries is formed throughout the first charge, stated Lützenrath.

" After that, it does not grow anymore," he described. "By using our protected electrolyte made from a strong ion conductor, the inner resistance as well as capacity will certainly stay virtually constant over the service life. Despite just how much the battery is made use of."

The battery technology does not need any essential raw materials such as cobalt or gold.

" As a result of this and the severe life span, the ecological equilibrium can be boosted by more than half compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries," Lützenrath discussed. "The predecessor modern technology of the solid-state battery-- still on a liquid basis-- has currently finished more than 50,000 charging cycles in sensible use in the U.S.A. in a battery storage system for buffering the power grid. This liquid predecessor modern technology has already been generated on an industrial scale."

The core of the storage space technology is the solid ion conductor, which replaces conventional liquid electrolytes.

"A central, technological issue is to bring the taken care of ion conductor in the battery cells right into a steady link with the electrodes. After more than thirty years of standard research, it has currently been possible to address this issue," said Lützenrath.

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