Protermosolar advocates thermal storage in molten salts of focused solar energy

Oct 21, 2020 12:05 AM ET
  • Gonzalo Martín, General Secretary of Protermosolar, will examine what the duty of focused solar energy plants will certainly be in energy storage within a decade at the I Energy Storage Congress (ALEN' 20).
Protermosolar advocates thermal storage in molten salts of focused solar energy

Presently, thermal storage in liquified salts in solar thermal nuclear power plant gets to 7 GWhe in Spain.

This sort of storage can carry out two main features: to create power at night and during the night in a complementary method to solar manufacturing and also as a strategic power book when the system needs it.

ALEN' 20, with the sponsorship of Protermosolar, will certainly occur on October 21 and also 22.

Protermosolar takes part in the initial Energy Storage Congress (ALEN' 20), arranged by the Energy Foundation of the Community of Madrid together with the Higher Technical School of Mining as well as Energy Engineers and also the sponsorship of Protermosolar, which will certainly be held on October 21 and also 22 online. At the event, the basic secretary of Protermosolar, Gonzalo Martín, will certainly analyze the function of focusing solar energy in power storage within a decade.

Protermosolar protects using thermal storage in molten salts in solar thermal plants (TES) as it is a business and also mature remedy, with greater than a decade of operation in Spain at a very competitive expense. This type of storage can execute two major functions: produce energy in a corresponding way to photovoltaic or pv in the evening hrs and also as a calculated power reserve when the system requires it.

For Gonzalo Martín, basic assistant of Protermosolar, "it makes excellent sense to safeguard storage solutions that divide shipment capture, because centers that just prolong their generation for a couple of hours take on their equivalents without storage, yet are more costly."

Currently, thermal storage in molten salts in solar thermal plants gets to 7 GWhe in Spain and also with the existing solar thermal plants that can install this system it is conveniently expanding to 12 GWhe. If the PNIEC (National Integrated Energy as well as Climate Plan) is followed, solar thermal power might contribute more than 60 GWhe of storage ability to the system.

" It is necessary to recognize the existing thermal storage ability in molten salts in the solar thermal plants in Spain as well as placed it in worth before the risk that certain storage service models are not eye-catching if certain theories are not fulfilled, such as the prepared interconnections, that even more nuclear power plants were kept in operation or that photovoltaic modern technology did not reach its penetration purposes, and also as a result of all this, rate arbitrage was not appealing for new storage financial investments ", clarifies Gonzalo Martín, basic secretary of Protermosolar, which includes: "thermal storage will operate in an entirely corresponding way to photovoltaics, recording energy during the day, however dispatching it at night. This has numerous advantages, such as not cannibalizing the daytime cost, reducing the 'duck contour' at dusk, as well as offering company, 100% eco-friendly night backup capability. "

This I Energy Storage Congress (ALEN'20) was developed with the purpose of supplying a summary of the various power storage systems via the experience as well as vision of its speakers, their applications and their opportunities for future development. The advancement of renewable resources makes up among the main points in the power policy in Spain, marked by the need to decrease power dependence from abroad, along with to reduce carbon exhausts and also to adhere to the ecological and effectiveness dedications contracted.

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