Poland to subsidise PV installations on multi-family buildings

Dec 29, 2022 01:22 PM ET
  • Poland's Ministry of Development and also Technology said on Wednesday it will introduce a program for co-financing 50% of the financial investments in photovoltaic or pv installations on multi-family buildings, assigning PLN 500 million (USD 114m/EUR 108m) for the objective.
Poland to subsidise PV installations on multi-family buildings
Image: renewablesnow.com

The give will cover the acquisition as well as the building of an installation or the modernisation of an existing one in addition to supporting tools such as power storage and also heat pumps. Cooperatives and also housing communities will have the ability to make an application for it from February 1, the ministry added.

The program will increase the proportion of renewable energy in residential consumption, which is very important for guaranteeing energy safety and security amid the market dilemma set off by the attack on Ukraine, preacher Waldemar Buda said.

Since 2017 Poland has seen a dynamic boost in the share of distributed energy from micro-installation, mainly photovoltaic or pv ones, which counted over 1.2 million at the end of June, the ministry noted.



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