Poland quadruples solar power result, ends up being 5th biggest manufacturer in Europe

Mar 25, 2020 04:01 PM ET
  • In 2015 was one of the most lucky year for the European Union in the solar power market. In 2019, the EU included 16.7 GW solar power installments to its profile, boosting the number by 104% considering that 2018. The sharp increase noted the greatest development in solar power generation given that 2010. Up until now, 5 participant nations have actually added one of the most, consisting of Spain (4.7 GW), Germany (4 GW), the Netherlands (2.5 GW), France (1.1 GW), and also Poland (784 MW).
Poland quadruples solar power result, ends up being 5th biggest manufacturer in Europe
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Although the various other 18 participant states are hanging back to fulfill the EU's power strategies, most of the participants are adding to the development, consisting of a substantial Poland's accomplishment. The nation quadrupled its solar energy installments from 203 MW linked to the grid in 2018 to 784 MW in 2019. In 2020, Poland is preparing to nearly increase its installments to 1.3 GW. These adjustments are very important for the EU as well as Poland, as the nation is the largest coal manufacturer in the Union.

Formerly, the nation has actually been battling to fulfill the Union's renewable resource strategies, yet in 2019, Poland had a sharp surge in solar power generation. Although the greatest sustainable resource is wind power, Poland is transforming its concentrate on broadening the solar power market.

With numerous brand-new projects heading in Poland, Sun Investment Group - the leading solar plant developer in Central Europe - shares their take on it. The company has actually been dealing with the Polish market for many years, as well as they have actually currently created 109 MW solar energy capability in the nation. And also with the fast rise in the solar power market, the company is broadening even more. They have 500+ MW of projects under the innovative growth phase in various areas around.

Deividas Varabauskas, CEO and also taking care of companion at Sun Investment Group, talk about facets adding to the shift to renewables as well as the field's more development. "We are thrilled that Poland is currently counting on be just one of the fastest-growing solar energy manufacturers in the European Union.

" We think that the development was just feasible because of source-specific public auctions arranged by the state (for PV projects of less than 1MWp), which will certainly quickly be enhanced also better by huge PV projects that will certainly change wind projects in technology-neutral public auctions as there are extremely couple of brand-new wind projects that adhere to brand-new laws. This is a win-win strategy, as existing cost quotes are really near to the marketplace rate, providing a foreseeable profits for 15 years to the PV generator and also soon an extra income for the Polish state treasury."

Mr Varabauskas includes that the change to solar power will certainly profit not just air top quality as well as atmosphere however additionally the Polish state treasury as well as power system. "Due to the increasing CO2 certification rates, the state will certainly quickly begin creating revenue from the distinction in between public auction cost granted to a market as well as the generator cost of electrical energy, that in a couple of years will certainly end up being more than public auction rate granted to PV (photovoltaics) generators.

" The influence of CO2 European Emission Allowances rate rises will drastically influence power rates in Poland, as coal is one of the most CO2 extensive resource of power, as well as Poland is mainly depending on coal for its power as well as warm generation.

" Obviously, this is a substantial inspiration for Poland to shift from coal to renewables asap, nonetheless, it will certainly still take a really substantial time to completely change its power framework, which indicates PV is mosting likely to conserve cash to Poland and also its services and also residents."

According to Mr Varabauskas, these adjustments would certainly be difficult without the nation's federal government's substantial commitment to developing the solar energy manufacturing market in Poland. It is additionally really essential that public auction system is extended past 2021 to guarantee the undisturbed financial investments in brand-new PV projects, as relying upon totally market services is simply wishful thinking, particularly in the existing financial recession setting.

" Although the solar power market in Poland remains in its beginning, the 2019 Global Infrastructure Index placed the nation as one of the leading markets for tidy power manufacturing, that makes it really eye-catching to financial investments in solar power as well as renewables."

The European Union is expanding its renewable resource market and also damaging brand-new documents every year. The development would certainly be difficult without nations like Poland signing up with the train and also quickening the change. With numerous brand-new projects en route, the EU can anticipate much more popular development.

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