Pivot Energy as well as Onyx Renewable Partners creating 3.2-MW solar profile

Feb 25, 2020 12:02 PM ET
  • Pivot Energy, Colorado's biggest neighborhood solar developer, finished the deal of a 3.2-MW business as well as utility solar profile with Onyx Renewable Partners.

Completion of the portfolio represents the ongoing partnership and commitment between the two companies to provide nonprofits, school districts, government municipalities and local utilities with clean and affordable solar energy. As part of the portfolio agreement, Pivot and Onyx will co-develop each project while Onyx will own and operate them.

"We are delighted to be co-developing with Pivot on this portfolio that will help put resources back into communities and towards our clients' academic missions. It has been a pleasure working with Pivot and we look forward to expanding the relationship with them this year," said John Cannon of Onyx Renewable Partners.

The portfolio includes four projects in total, two in Illinois and two in Colorado. The projects located in Illinois are 779 kW of solar energy awarded through the "Adjustable Block Program" that will serve a local municipality and a school district. The remaining two projects, located in Colorado, are a total of 2.4 MW of solar energy that will serve a university and a local utility partner.

"Onyx has been an important strategic partner for us as we continue to expand our product offerings across the country," said Garrett Peterson, VP of project development for Pivot. "The geographic range and diversity of customers within this portfolio demonstrates the increasing demand for solar by all types of commercial and public entities. We look forward to continuing our valuable partnership with Onyx and delivering even more clean energy to commercial customers across the country in 2020."

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