Photovoltaic shade for greenhouses

Sep 15, 2020 01:45 PM ET
  • French start-up Solar Cloth has safeguarded a license for a PV shade display for solar greenhouses.
Photovoltaic shade for greenhouses
Image: Solar Cloth System

French start-up SAS Solar Cloth System has actually established a solar shade screen for agrivoltaics which it claims can come to be a crucial element in the advancement of global greenhouse farming.

SAS says its item makes it feasible to very successfully enhance the return as well as quality of crop manufacturing while generating environment-friendly electrical energy. The flexible panel consists of two films: one made from copper, indium, gallium as well as selenium (CIGS) and also one more, amorphous silicon germanium (a-SiGe) layer. The movies are enveloped in flexible, structured fabrics which the producer states offer complete security of the solar modules. The layers are reinforced by fibers that make them totally flexible, enabling them to be furled and unfurled, according to SAS.

The panels are manufactured in an environmentally-friendly, solvent-free, thermal combination procedure with the 25-65-micron PV layers integrated right into laminated or woven fabrics.

Whilst SAS advises its Solar Cloth for greenhouse usage, the business said the product could likewise be used in real estate, aeronautics, mobility, sporting activities and leisure applications.