Photonic Power Systems in Sweden

Dec 21, 2021 01:52 PM ET

A preconceived notion about solar energy and solar cells is that it does not work in Sweden.

Many believe that it is too dark long periods and that it therefore does not pay off. This is completely wrong and here we will explain why.

In recent years, solar energy has received a boost in the public sector thanks to cheaper

costs for installation and increased costs for electricity. This in turn has led to a race among

manufacturers and solar installers that has benefited you as a property owner.

A solar cell on your roof is designed and constructed to produce electricity for a long time,

often up to 30 years. It is therefore important to choose good products when you want to install solar cells on your roof.

In Sweden, solar cells have received more and more attention, in step with increased attention to the climate threat and the environment. But many believe that it is not worthwhile to install solar panels on the roof in Sweden, as it is often long and dark winters here. That's completely wrong.

Firstly, solar cells can produce electricity even during the winter months, when it is dark.

Because they do not need direct sunlight to produce electricity. Secondly, we also have a favorable climate during the summer, which can generate a surplus and thus also an income, which in turn can pay for the investment of solar cells.

Now the Swedish state also issues grants to private individuals, associations and companies that want to invest in solar cells, which also gives a lower investment cost than expected.

Another way to optimize the property with solar energy is to invest in battery packs, which can store electricity that can be used during the night. In this way, you can in some cases completely exclude the power that the network contributes to and go completely "off-grid".

Another solution is to optimize the purchase of electricity with, for example, a meter or the electricity trading company Tibber. In this app, you can also optimize your house to become less energy-intensive.

There are also charging stations for electric cars that can be optimized to charge when the power is the cheapest.

At Photonic Power Systems, we help you optimize your entire property with solar energy and solar cells, regardless of size or location on your roof. We also have solutions if you want to place the solar panels on the ground in a stand. There are many solutions that can be optimized via our suppliers.


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