Peru grants concessions for 524 MW of intended renewables

Mar 3, 2023 06:09 PM ET
  • Peru's ministry of power as well as mining on Wednesday claimed it had actually granted concessions for 3 new renewable energy projects with a potential to bring around 523.8 MW of combined capacity.
Peru grants concessions for 524 MW of intended renewables

Two of the giving ins are clear-cut as well as the third one is short-term, meaning that it was provided for the advancement of a feasibility study for the project.

The ministry claimed it handed promoter Kallpa Generacion SA the conclusive concession for its 204-MW Sunny solar PV project around Arequipa. The business Hidroelectrica America SAC also acquired one for its 19.8-MW Pachachaca 2 hydro power project.

Meanwhile, Zeus Energia SAC secured the short-lived giving in to start feasibility researches for the Huascar wind ranch project, which is anticipated to have 300 MW of set up capacity. The project site remains in the Piura region in northwestern Peru.

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