Peninsula Clean Energy indications deal for 45 MW of energy storage space with Terra-Gen

May 19, 2023 11:25 AM ET
  • Peninsula Clean Energy has actually reached a 15-year deal to specifically get 45 MW of battery storage space that additionally presses the agency towards its objective of providing renewable energy whatsoever hours of the day and night. It additionally adds towards Peninsula Clean Energy satisfying its regulatory commitments to provide new capacity for a dependable electric grid.

Peninsula Clean Energy will get all capacity associates from a four-hour lithium ion battery storage space project that Terra-Gen will create near Barstow in San Bernardino County. The facility, part of a larger redevelopment of the existing SEGS VIII solar thermal project, is anticipated to be operational in June 2024. The storage space facility will tap into existing affiliation facilities and also will certainly be constructed utilizing union labor.

" The SEGS VIII project has a lengthy background supporting California's journey towards clean and also reputable power generation. The redevelopment of the project will broaden that initiative through the release of new massive renewables and energy storage space," Terra-Gen CEO Jim Pagano said. "We delight in to proceed our partnership with Peninsula Clean Energy and contribute to their goal of giving 24/7 renewable energy to their customers."

This is Peninsula Clean Energy's second stand-alone battery storage space project deal authorized this year. The agency lately approved a deal to get 50 MW of four-hour lithium ion battery storage from the Nova III center in Riverside County start in August 2024.

The storage projects provide Peninsula Clean Energy 2 near-term devices for getting to the agency's goal of giving 24/7 renewable energy by assisting to shift abundant solar-powered energy right into evening and overnight hrs.

" Our concern is securing adequate, low-cost, clean sources of power, while likewise making sure reliability for our clients," Peninsula Clean Energy CEO Jan Pepper stated. "Battery storage is a vital component of our approach as well as enables us to take the lead among all energies in demonstrating it is possible to provide per hour renewable energy in an affordable method."

Peninsula Clean Energy has actually boldy pursued added sustainable and storage sources, while preserving a 5% discount contrasted to what the agency's consumers in San Mateo County and also city of Los Banos would be paying for generation services via PG&E.

This consists of being one of the first public agencies across the country to utilize freshly expanded government renewable energy motivations in reaching cutting-edge agreements with nine cities and the County of San Mateo to mount solar and also future battery storage space on public structures.

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