Panasonic to finish photovoltaic panel manufacturing

Feb 1, 2021 02:27 PM ET
  • Panasonic introduced today that it will certainly discontinue the manufacturing of solar products at its Malaysian as well as Japanese manufacturing facilities, totally leaving the photovoltaic panel and also wafer market by March 2022. Panasonic will certainly continue marketing Panasonic-branded modules but with a subcontracted producer.

While the Malaysian manufacturing facility will be sold off, the Japanese manufacturing facility will certainly remain to produce inverters, energy storage systems and "other products."

Panasonic has actually been a leader in heterojunction innovation (HJT) given that obtaining the original patents from a SANYO acquisition. Panasonic's HIT line of modules are distinct, making use of a smaller 125-mm/5-in. wafer made internal for 96-cell modules catered to the household market.

The Japanese company has a durable household setup program in North America and has actually more just recently shifted focus to its EverVolt battery system as well as new EverVolt photovoltaic panels. The installer program need to continue uninterrupted.

This full exit from the market comes after Panasonic finished its production partnership with Tesla in 2020 as well as left Tesla's "gigafactory" in Buffalo, New York. Tesla had been using Panasonic solar cells in its Solar Roof items but has actually considering that counted on Chinese makers.

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