OYA Solar expands solar development services to Pennsylvania

Jan 13, 2020 05:20 PM ET
  • OYA Solar, a North American full-service solar developer, has launched development operations in Pennsylvania.

OYA is committed to developing well-sited and economically supported distribution and utility-scale solar projects in communities throughout the state, the company said in a press statement. OYA uses a community-based development approach, working with property, to find the best solution amongst options including community solar, virtual net metering and onsite solar. Pennsylvania currently ranks 22nd, near the middle of the pack nationally, in solar capacity, but is on track to double installations over the next five years.

“OYA is thrilled to be announcing our entry into Pennsylvania. The state has a bright clean energy future and an improved atmosphere for solar expansion and investment. The future of solar is in states like Pennsylvania that are willing to move clean energy policy into the 21st century,” said Manish Nayar, founder and CEO of OYA Solar. “This year, a bill is up for review that would boost the solar energy industry through enabling community solar programs and provide access to solar energy to everyone, regardless of whether they are able to install solar at their home or business. We look forward to supporting access to energy choice for everyone in the state.”

OYA Solar is a leading developer of community, commercial and utility-scale solar projects in North America. The company has in-house development, permitting, engineering and project finance teams which de-risks solar projects and maximizes execution certainty. OYA works closely with landowners to develop customized community solar projects that prioritize land stewardship while maximizing value to the landowner.

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