One more upright PV plant in the Alps

Apr 15, 2020 02:59 PM ET
  • Greater than 1,200 solar components will certainly be mounted on the south side of a dam 2,100 meters over water level. The center prepared by utility EWZ is readied to prepare this year.
One more upright PV plant in the Alps
Image: EWZ

The race is on to set up Switzerland's initial high-alpine PV plant.

With Swiss electrical utility and also nuclear power generator Axpo just recently revealing it had actually safeguarded authorization for a 2 MW solar plant on the Muttsee dam, fellow publicly-owned utility EWZ has actually exposed comparable strategies.

Zurich-based EWZ this month got authorization for a 410 kW variety on the Albigna dam in Bergell, 2,100 m over water level. The project, intended at an elevation virtually 400m less than the Muttsee center, will certainly include the setup of greater than 1,200 solar components from July onwards and also is anticipated to create around 500 MWh of tidy power annually.

EWZ began a pilot project at the website in May 2018 with "a couple of" panels. Much more will certainly currently comply with on the south-facing facet of the dam with the utility anticipating to finish the center, which has actually protected a grid link, this year. The Axpo project is readied to be finished in summertime following year.

The pilot project on the Albigna dam created even more power than had actually been anticipated as well as Axpo likewise kept in mind the dramatically greater return from high-alpine photovoltaic systems-- contrasted to projects at reduced elevations. It is prepared for around half the yearly return from high-alpine systems will certainly come throughout winter season thanks to extreme sunlight in the hills as well as glow from snow cover.

Swiss scientists have actually recommended steeper-than-usual photovoltaic panel tilt angles will certainly harness even more of the solar sources readily available at high elevations with snow cover and also approximated such websites can assist the country struck its Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 aspiration of shuttering 5 nuclear plants at the end of their prepared life times.

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