NTPC REL Invites EoI for 15 GW of Solar Modules

Oct 20, 2021 11:04 AM ET
  • The last date to submit the EoI is November 8, 2021, the responses will be opened on the following day.
  • The sourced modules can have cells either produced domestically or can have cells sourced from throughout the world.

NTPC Renewable Energy Limited (NTPC REL) has invited an Expression of Rate Of Interest (EoI) from residential producers for providing about 15 GW of solar components upto an advancing duration of minimum 5 years.

The last day to send the EoI is November 8, 2021, the reactions will certainly be opened on the following day. The sourced components can have cells either manufactured locally or can have cells sourced from anywhere in the globe. Of course, the components have to be locally sourced. The EOI comes with a particularly fascinating time for the marketplace, with significant new ability build up having actually been announced or in the process of being started. Results of the PLI plan for solar production will also be out soon, including a more 10-12 GW of making capability. All this, at once when the market is seeing the type of cost volatility it hasn't seen in years.

NTPC REL, an entirely possessed subsidiary of state-run NTPC, was set up as a different entity by the power manufacturer to speed up the group's existence in the RE sector. NTPC REL intends to attain around 15 GW RE by FY25 and also scale it additionally to around 44 GW by FY32. Generally, NTPC team has actually established a target of 60 GW by 2032.

The EOI paper describes the function of the EOI as being to "evaluate the upcoming capabilities of the domestic solar PV module makers, generally their techno-commercial demands to initiate the procedure of long-term sourcing lock up", says NTPC REL. The broad range of work is specified as follows by the business:

  • The technology roadmap of the solar PV component makers as well as the capacities which are being intended by them.
  • Assumptions from NTPC REL w.r.t the techno-commercial conditions for entering into a long-term sourcing partnership.
  • NTPC REL is also available to "contract production bind" with the component makers on long term basis under the structure of critical sourcing tie ups and wish to receive the in-depth structure of the like a part of the EoI procedure.
  • In this regard, the supplier will certainly be required ahead up with a comprehensive strategy to develop the expediency of agreement production tie-ups.
  • Mechanism for used prices viewpoint.
  • The production plans, technical inputs for solar PV modules incorporated with or without cell, wafers and so on.
  • Information of the various innovations, components dimensions that are being intended by the applicants for the production of solar PV modules.

The interested applicants are needed to define in their reaction, the technological spec, costs, timelines, footprint as well as other data as outlined in the tender record. The applicants might additionally express their passion in regard of their offerings together with other inputs in their responses.

The applicant's feedbacks obtained in the EoI will be made use of by NTPC REL for:

  • Recognition of various modern technologies discussed over, techno-commercial inputs to take more choice for long terms sourcing either directly or with contract; and/or
  • Formula of specifications and certifying criteria