Nigeria to construct new solar-powered mini grids

Dec 30, 2019 06:15 PM ET
  • PowerGen has completed installation of a new Nigeria-based mini grid and is planning the development of 9 other projects, all supported by the World Bank.
Nigeria to construct new solar-powered mini grids
Image: Soventix

The new solar mini grid is expected to supply green power to around 3 thousand locals. The facility is located in Nigerian biggest state – Niger. It was launched on the 7th of December. Besides, the African developer has concluded a deal for installation of 9 similar mini grids around Niger. All the ventures are backed by the WB’s 550m USD program for Nigeria-based off grid power. 

Among the WD’s programs meant to expand mini grid in Nigeria is MAS. According to this Mini Grid Acceleration Scheme, the tender winners will be granted with in-kind contribution represented by equipment for metering and distribution along with tech assistance. The 4 developers are to construct 24 mini grid installations, which have to satisfy the following requirements: every mini grid cannot exceed 1 megawatt and has to provide at least 3.5 thousand connections per lot. The facilities are scheduled to start operations before August of the coming year. They will be located throughout five Nigerian states. All the projects will be owned by private developers who will negotiate the power price with local communities. The tariffs have to comply with Nigerian MYTO set up by NERC. 

Apart from MAS, there is another program called IMAS. The latter comprises interconnected grid and mini grid elements. The scheme is meant to back up the projects in ten different regions, which are expected to supply power to 15 thousand consumers by autumn of the year to come. The proposals for the IMAS tender were accepted until the 14th of August of the current year. The in kind partial capital granted amounts to 3m euros. The grant will be awarded by way of metering equipment as well as half of the poles and cables required for extending and refurbishing the grid. The IMAS electricity tariff will be also based on MYTO.

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