NGK to power Japanese sites with 2.6-MW solar-plus-storage system

Aug 1, 2022 03:04 PM ET
  • Japanese ceramics company NGK Insulators Ltd (TYO:5333) will install 2.6 MW of roof solar photovoltaic or pv (PV) systems combined with 1.2 MWh of NAS battery ranked capacity at its producing sites in Ishikawa prefecture.
NGK to power Japanese sites with 2.6-MW solar-plus-storage system
Image: NGK

NGK claimed today the PV systems will be located at the Ishikawa plant as well as its subsidiary NGK Ceramic Device Co Ltd, both in Nomi City.

The ceramics company anticipates the environment-friendly power system to commence operations in January 2024.

When up and running, the solar arrays should can generating 2,690 MWh annually to power the making sites. NGK plans to make use of the NAS battery as a backup source of power when the grid is not reliable.

The mix of the solar panels with the energy storage space system will guarantee power supply to vital equipment at the plant for as much as 10 hrs when power from the grid is disturbed, the Japanese firm explained.

Presently, NGK is working on increasing making use of renewable energy as an approach to achieve its goal of 50% decrease in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by fiscal 2030 and also net zero emissions by 2050.

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