Nextracker First To Reach 50 GW Solar Tracker Shipments Globally

Nov 3, 2021 12:38 PM ET
  • Nextracker's success is just one of the few non-Chinese success tales in the past decade in solar.
  • Like a lot of the solar supply chain, the industry faces the twin difficulty of keeping prices low and preserving high quality levels to allow a 25 year plus life and risk-free recycling.

Nextracker ™ has revealed the going across of the 50 gigawatts (GW) in worldwide shipments for it. The achievement makes it the first solar tracker firm to arrive, as well as notes the importance of a modern technology that is on the ascendance one more time, as extra reliable modules struck the marketplace. The 50 GW figure is equivalent to the height electrical power need of California, the fifth-largest economic situation on the planet, states the company. Throughout Nextracker's six-year run as the global market leader in its industry, the business's modern technology has actually boosted the power outcome of significant solar energy plants in 40 nations across six continents.

Business officials credit scores its fast sales development to focusing on exceptional financial returns for proprietors of solar energy plants. Adapting to new market needs with appropriate products, as it made with its TrueCapture wise control software, has also enabled it to expand much faster.

" Our exec management team draws from decades of experience as solar designers, home builders, and operators of solar power plants," claimed Nextracker CEO as well as Founder Dan Shugar. "That allows us to understand that plants require to generate optimum energy, have extremely efficient building metrics, as well as reduced maintenance prices. We after that incorporate customer responses to deliver worth throughout that spectrum."

Nextracker has bought modern technology developments that improve power output and decrease expenses for power plant owners, including:

  • The NX Perspective ™ solar tracker, with best-in-class performance, reliability, and also the most affordable levelized price of energy (LCOE), likewise features a well balanced mechanical layout that delivers exceptional bifacial energy manufacturing and has been released more than any other tracker on the planet
  • Its signature, TrueCapture ™ smart control software that aids utility-scale solar energy plants mitigate decrease in power output activated by cloud cover or when one row of panels casts a shadow over panels in bordering rows
  • The firm's most current improvement is the Split Increase formula, which enhances energy yield for split-cell silicon solar (PV) components.

TrueCapture software sales alone have expanded to 20 GW, applied in over a 3rd of the business's worldwide projects. This control software promises to improve power outcome with approximately six percent energy gains, supplying monetary benefits to more than 150 solar plants globally to date. Nextracker additionally originated independent row style that promotes solar panel cleaning and vegetation administration for reduced website operating and maintenance expenses.

Remarkable projects that have actually utilized Nextracker include: Permian Solar in Texas (500 MW), Villanueva in Mexico (835 MW), Travers Solar Plant in Canada (691 MW), Sol do Cerrado in Brazil (766 MW), New England solar farm in Australia (520 MW), as well as Mohammed Bin Rashid Solar Park in Dubai (1 GW).

In India, while the high cost of tracker costs was seen as a downside till recently, the shift to Mono PERC and also even Bifacial Modules implies that the extra performance improvements that trackers can deliver is making good sense once again, for large utility scale projects. Aligned to the country's enthusiastic solar targets, that makes it an eye-catching market yet once again for Nextracker and also various other global tracker firms.

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