NextEra Energy zero-carbon plan would certainly put 50GW of energy storage in Florida Power & Light territory

Jun 20, 2022 03:19 PM ET
  • NextEra Energy has actually announced its new decarbonisation method, referred to as Zero Carbon Blueprint, which includes getting rid of all range 1 as well as 2 emissions from its procedures by 2045 without the use of carbon offsets.
NextEra Energy zero-carbon plan would certainly put 50GW of energy storage in Florida Power & Light territory
Image: Florida Power & Light

Getting to the "Real Zero" goal, which NextEra has called "one of the most enthusiastic carbon emissions reduction goal ever set by an energy producer", will certainly call for "considerable investment" in wind, solar, battery storage, nuclear, green hydrogen as well as other renewable sources, the company claimed in a declaration.

It said the Real Zero target rested, however, on "no incremental price to customers about options" and also its efforts being "sustained by cost-effective modern technology advancements and also positive governmental plans and rewards", despite its old CEO claiming federal government assistance such as the Build Back Better costs was not essential to its goals.

The company has actually established acting turning points every five years to assist sustain its development to Real Zero, with it intending to reach a carbon emissions decrease rate of 70% by 2025, higher than its previously commitment. This would then boost to 82% in 2030, 87% by 2035 and 94% by 2040, in the past hitting Real Zero no behind 2045.

The US utility likewise said that in addition to its inner Real Zero goal, the Zero Carbon Blueprint will certainly look for to aid decarbonise even more of the US power industry through investments in renewable innovations as well as targeting a more comprehensive decarbonisation of the US economic climate.

A "considerable portion" of the strategy will be delivered at NextEra's subsidiary Florida Power & Light Company (FPL), which the parent company said was the US's biggest electric utility serving over 12 million Floridians.

FPL's goal is to substantially accelerate the improvement of its generation mix, reaching 36% decarbonised by 2025, 52% by 2030, 62% by 2035 and 83% by 2040, culminating in 100% decarbonised by no later than 2045.

And it plans to do so with a substantial increase of solar PV and also battery storage space.

Presently, FPL creates nearly 4GW of power from solar and also NextEra wishes to boost this number to 90GW by 2045. When it comes to battery storage, FLP is looking for to add greater than 50GW of battery storage space to FPL's grid, up from 500MW today.

Additionally, there would be area for even more nuclear power, while today gas use 16GW would be changed by green hydrogen in a procedure that would "not cause any kind of stranded generation assets," NextEra claimed, which is looking for to end up being a "leader in green hydrogen production".

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