Newly operational 100MW Minety project makes use of NCM and also LFP battery power storage space system options

Aug 5, 2021 06:42 PM ET
  • More details on the 1,500 V energy storage system remedies supplied by Sungrow for the 100MW Minety battery storage space project have today (5 August) been exposed.

Sungrow provided both NCM and LFP battery power storage space system solutions to the project, with these featuring high assimilation, minimising the impact as well as decreasing the appointing duration and reducing system expense by 5%.

Experts believe that this is going to give a strong boost to the demand for energy storage systems in Singapore. It is also expected to reduce the burden on traditional thermal plants for meeting local energy requirements.

This meets requirements for Dynamic Containment, with plants needing to respond to the power direction of the grid within 1 secondly.

Celebrated as the largest battery storage space development in Europe to day, Minety includes 2 50MW batteries established by Penso Power and funded by China Huaneng Group and CNIC Corporation. The project began trading last month, with RES having won a tender to give O&M solutions for the website.

"We take pride in being part of this site project, supplying remedies with extreme effectiveness and security while in conformity with the rigid UK grid codes," claimed James Wu, vice president of Sungrow.

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