New solar modules from the Indian solar EPC developer

Nov 28, 2019 02:40 PM ET
  • Vikram is launching three new types of PV panels to the United States’ market. The new products are scheduled to become available at the beginning of the next year. These will be glass-on-glass and framed bifacial, as well as half-cell standard mono passivated emitter and rear cells. The peak capacity of the panels ranges from 375W up to 425W.
New solar modules from the Indian solar EPC developer
Image: Vikram Solar

Vikram Solar is an Indian solar EPC company. Their portfolio includes a wide range of projects: 1-megawatt floating, 18.5-kilowatt residential and 2.15-megawatt commercial roof-mounted, 5-megawatt as part of a national defense system, and of course 200-megawatt large-scale installations. They have installed over 500 rooftop systems at more than 250 locations with total installed capacity of 27 megawatts and over 25 megawatts under development. Their large-scale projects exceed 1 gigawatt (taking into account the operational plants and those currently developed). 

The company’s activity also includes manufacturing of solar modules. As of today, their India-based facilities have around 1.1 gigawatt of manufacturing capacity annually. By the middle of the next year, they plan to expand it up to 2 gigawatts. The solar solution provider has been running its business for over forty years already. They began as a tea processer, continued as a textile manufacturer, and finally entered the solar industry 13 year ago. Today, the Indian firm has offices in Singapore, Germany, and the US. 

The latest SOMERA-series solar modules announced for the American market in the nearest future are: 

1. Grand Ultima Max Half-Cell, consisting of 150 Mono PERC half-cut cells, peak output range from 405 watts-peak through 425 watts-peak; 

2. P-Duplex Frameless Bifacial, consisting of 72 solar cells, peak power range from 375 watts-peak through 400 watts-peak; 

3. P-Duplex Framed Bifacial Half-Cell, consisting of 144 half-cut cells, peak wattage range from 390 watts-peak through 420 watts-peak, backsheet is transparent. 

The first two are scheduled to enter the market in January, the third one is expected to become available two months later. Linear performance warranty for MonoPERC constitutes 27 year, for the bifacial models – 30 years.

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