New single-axis solar tracker can adhere to sloped, uneven, challenging terrain

Mar 23, 2022 01:25 PM ET
  • NX Horizon-XTR's ability to adhere to terrain can considerably reduce earthwork, permitting these otherwise-infeasible sites to become financially and eco viable solar projects.

Nextracker ™ has launched NX Horizon-XTR, a terrain-following, single-axis tracker created to broaden the addressable market of solar power on sites with sloped, uneven, and challenging terrain.

The business started implementation as well as empirical testing of NX Horizon-XTR at utility scale 3 years earlier, functioning carefully with clients that dealt with capital spending as well as building challenges on project sites with hilly terrain.

" Cost savings in the millions attributable to reduced grading and also shorter piles has been verified on pick utility scale projects. Today over 15 NX Horizon-XTR sites are functional and dozens of extra projects are under design and building and construction in the united state and abroad," claimed Nextracker.

Project developers are increasingly including sites with sloping as well as undulating terrain to meet the demand for utility-scale solar plants. Land with these characteristics has actually traditionally presented more danger and expense to projects, calling for significant earthwork as well as longer foundation pile lengths.

" NX Horizon-XTR's ability to adhere to terrain can substantially reduce earthwork, enabling these otherwise-infeasible sites to become economically as well as environmentally viable solar projects," claims VP of engineering, Donny Gallagher of SOLV Energy, among Nextracker's EPC (engineering, procurement and also construction) companions that has actually deployed and also field-tested NX Horizon-XTR.

" Less earthwork means lower ahead of time prices and also enhanced scheduling. XTR has actually permitted us to win more projects by making us much more affordable in our project bids, while likewise decreasing our impact on the setting," he includes.

" A large factor in Nextracker's DNA is paying attention to our consumers, evaluating their requests, and also where viable, incorporating their suggestions into our item development," claimed Nextracker chief executive officer and owner Dan Shugar.

" Over 3 years back, SOLV (previously Swinerton Renewable Energy), pressed us to establish a terrain-following option and also the result is our XTR product line. We functioned very closely with them as well as project owners to incorporate their needs as well as complete laboratory and also field-tests of a terrain-following tracker. We provided a couple of years of exclusivity for SOLV that we executed with each other, and then rolled out the technology to the global market."

Key Highlights of the New NX Tracker Technology as per its manufacturer:

  • NX Horizon-XTR breaks the standard of the "straight-line row" design restriction by complying with the existing ups as well as downs of north-south ground incline wavinesses, to ensure that trackers no longer require installment along a solitary airplane however can adhere to natural site shapes.
  • NX Horizon-XTR improves the over 50 gigawatts of NX Horizon tracker deployments.
  • It has currently been created on over 3 gigawatts of cumulative projects, with more projects unfinished or in late-stage advancement around the world.
  • XTR sites see substantial financial savings in both capital investment and also operating budget on choose sites. That includes as much as 30-90 percent much less "cut as well as fill" earthmoving work and piers up to 36 inches shorter.

According to a 2021 Timber Mackenzie Power as well as Renewables report, the U.S. tracker market expanded by 34% in 2020. Nextracker preserved its setting as the leading global solar tracker vendor with 29% of the worldwide market share, mentions the business.

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